Daniel Keller -
Dan has performed professionally for the past ten years in a variety of settings including festivals, concerts, restaurants, bars, private events,  fashion shows, galleries, and benefits. He has had the priveledge of performing in Asheville's finest venues. Provides anything from a relaxing, romantic ambiance for dinner to an upbeat, driving pulse for dancing or sheer enjoyment!  
Genres include Swing, Bossa-Nova, Blues, Bebop, Latin-Funk, and Love Songs/ Ballads. Dan's "flying fingers" and eloquent chord solos have earned him a reputation as one of the finest guitarists in the region. Much of his success, however, lies in the ability to provide the right moods at the right moments, making every event enjoyable and memorable. In addition, Dan is always available for questions, requests, and feedback before, during and after every performance. 
*Please visit nostormistoostrong.org to preview and purchase jazz and urban tracks supporting the Charlotte Homeless Relief. 
Contact Dan through:
Phone: 828-775-2666
***Please join my mailing list by emailing dkellerjazz@yahoo.com  Your opinion is valuable to me, and I'd like to hear what you think of my music, this website, jazz, the current state of world affairs, or anything else you'd like to comment on! 

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